Quality Policy


We love our products. We maintain the Hanseatic and traditional approach to craft our hand made products the best way known in our industry. We are innovative about how we work in the market and drive changes in our industry. We want this love for our products and for innovation to come across in everything we do. We are excited about the opportunity to work with our customers: we work with our clients at arm's length. We deliver service the personal, old-fashioned way that Hanseatic traders have always done it - and that guarantees you a perfect product, every single time, and lets you sleep the best night's sleep. Every night.  

We understand that it takes more than good will to maintain perfect quality standards. We thus test every single delivery we receive, in our EDFA approved laboratory. We check our processes and work with third party auditors to certify these regularly. And we control and confirm every finished product to the most rigorous standards.

Perfect and reliable quality throughout our business is not something that just happens: It is the basis for all of our work and documented in our approach to Corporate Governance. We combine this with a number of construction pricinples and general product features for perfect quality.