Financial Compliance


We pay our taxes locally, where we engage in business. We pay all local licenses and fees required to engage in business locally. We do not transfer funds through licenses (or other means and constructs) in order to evade local taxes or fees. We do not knowingly engage in business with companies that obviously offend either of these policies, including our financial governance. We do our own, thorough accounting. We employ third party chartered accountants to check our results. Plus these engage supervising certified auditors, to double check our accounting and testify compliance of our year end statements with local requirements and our own highest standards. We think of ourselves as local citizens and financial compliance with rules and regulations is part of us. 

Financial Compliance is a quickly evolving field, with always new demanding regulations, restrictions, and compliance requirements. Being able to record and manage the interactions of our organization in this industry ensures adherence to regulatory compliance, and also mitigates risk by providing records for verification and liability.