Animal Welfare Policy

We fully support animal welfare and do not tolerate cruelty to animals. All our products are by-products of raising animals for the meat industry. We ensure all the animals are treated well, and we want to completely exclude any stuff feeding or moult plucking of birds: We are requiring all our vendors to document their complete supply chain and sources all the way to the farm, in order to minimize any risk. We are working with internationally accredited institutions and auditors to investigate at every step, and for every quality of raw material, to minimize and eventually exclude any risk altogether.

We do not accept any materials from vendors who are on the negative-list of important animal welfare organisations such as "PETA", "Vier Pfoten", etc. We work hard to keep this one of the most beautiful, cleanest, all natural and traditional products clean and good - such that you can rightfully enjoy the best sleep. 

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